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Donna Mac

Speaking, Presenting & Persuading
Live & On Video

Donna is a corporate communications trainer & media producer. She puts the "powerful human" back into communication whether interacting one on one or before a large group, live or virtually! Donna supports professionals who need to improve their ability to:

  • Courageously Engage & Inspire Audiences
  • Breakthrough, Manage & Influence Teams
  • Authentically Market Products, Services & Self
  • Cut Through the Clutter Online & Virtually

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  Effective speakers communicate with words — and so much more. They also have an understanding of how audiences think and are inspired in our very fast paced, overloaded world. They use compelling language AND are concise — always respectful of how to serve those they are engaging. Body language is more important than ever as is the ENERGY that is being conveyed. If you would like to speak, present and persuade while making a greater impact in your life and career, Donna Mac will help you turn your potential into reality.  

Free Podcast, The Six Pillars of Effective Communication
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"Our company discussed how much they enjoyed your presentation and most of all your presentation style. We’re now deciding what lucky group is going to get your next communication training!"

Natalie Benkovich, AIPSO

"Your Art of Speaking, Presenting and Persuading seminar series definitely helped on more than one occasion. I just utilized what I learned to address 30-40 people in attendance at a recent event. I actually had a Vice President from a competitor come over to me afterwards telling me that he liked what I had to say. It was my time to shine and I’m confident I made an impact!"

Matthew D’Angelis, Assistant VP,
Business Banking, Pawtucket Credit Union

Effective Communication

Donna Mac trains and develops teams and individuals on communicating collaboratively, authentically & effectively, bringing fresh energy and greater productivity to your business.

Donna's Six Pillars of Effective Communication, a universal system will help you to go from nervous to confident and help make sure your messages are clear — not cloudy.

Digital Media Production

Grow your business by creating professional, audio & video products.  Donna helps organizations & professionals take their concepts and turn them into fully produced digital media which can be use to educate and inspire people while promoting your business.  Once created, your media can be offered through broadcast or the web. All products are customized.


For the past 30 years, Donna Mac has been in the business of communicating thoughts, ideas and information to audiences ranging in size from one to 50,000 and almost all of it has been live. Her keynotes are fresh, thoughtful and empowering and always motivate your teams to action.

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