How Your Company Can Become A More Productive,
Profitable and Desirable Place To Work

It’s well known that when a company’s employees lack the proper communications skills, it makes for a stressful, unproductive work environment that drains productivity and profitability right down to the bottom-line.

This is a serious problem that affects not only your employees but ultimately your customers, potential clients and business partners. Left untouched it can deplete your organization’s potential and causes tremendous anxiety and discord.

Organizations can maximize the productivity of their professional workforce when employees, at all levels, become proficient in engaging and influencing through effective interpersonal communications.

“Every individual in the training you executed came away educated, motivated and more confident. Your ability to offer insight into some of the daily struggles we encounter such as gaining trust, strategic follow up methods and understanding prospects of varying ages were our greatest take-aways. I would like to express my complete satisfaction in your work, which was an investment we couldn’t afford not to make!”

Kristine Murphy, National Sales Manager, Gannon & Scott

We have helped dozens of companies and individuals improve in several critical areas:

   Leaders Communicate At All Levels
   Communicating Live & Virtually, Is Anyone Listening?
   Genuinely Sell Your Products, Services And Yourself!
   Rebalance From Communication Overload
   Communicating Across Every Valuable Generation
   Assertive Isn’t Always Effective Communication

Maximize The Power of Communication To Grow and Prosper

Communicating effectively also boosts productivity and profitability and, in the end, leads to a stronger, healthier work environment and culture.

Whether your employees are trying to collaborate with colleagues, manage their teams, be the spokesperson for your company or pitch your products and services, well-developed effective communication skills are essential to their continued success.

“Everyone left motivated and it was a great success for our team. My biggest A-ha moment was when you pointed out the communication differences between our baby-boomers, gen-xers and millennials and how important that is to grow our business.”

Laurie Stroll, President and Owner of Newport Hospitality

The methodologies we use are time-honored and straightforward and are proven to engage and facilitate authentic and constructive communications across all levels of an organization.

Here are some of the companies and organizations Donna has recently advised:

     Citron Cooperman
     Merrill Lynch
     Pawtucket Credit Union
     Association of Internal Auditors
     Bristol Community College
     Roger Williams University
     Bryant University
     Hope Health
     Gentiva Health
     Gannon & Scott
     Lending Club
     Shepherd & Goldstein

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Help Your Employees and Company Prosper

Take the next step toward helping your employees master how to speak, present and collaborate with their teams, peers and prospects so they can make a greater impact inside and outside of your company.

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