Are you ready to become a confident and powerful communicator, with the ability to find your voice and speak your truth?

Let’s get together for 6 personalized communication sessions and I’ll show you how to speak and communicate more mindfully and powerfully so you can: Elevate Your Career, Increase Your Income, Reduce Conflict and Greatly Enhance Your Potential.

It’s important for you to become more persuasive or influential, but there are so many outside forces slowing you down. People are distracted and busy, you worry about coming off as too pushy or hurting someone’s feelings. Or the thought of interrupting the flow so you can be heard has you paralyzed. It’s much easier to just stay quiet.

Or you’ve tried to speak but those people just aren’t listening. So, you get louder, attempt to be assertive but emotions flare and misunderstandings take place.

An effective communicator has the ability to be heard and build bonds with others, not push them away. An effective communicator has acquired the ability to cultivate mutual respect, even when there’s disagreement. An effective communicator expects discomfort, works to overcome it and knows that this is part of the process.

“Donna Mac is the real deal. Her generosity of spirit makes her approachable and her clear communication skills leave no room for wonder. Donna’s work is exactly what is needed and something the people are hungry for it…making us all better communicators in business and our personal lives.”

Marie Younger, Falmouth, MA

Become a better communicator by communicating mindfully with yourself first.

The Speaking and Communicating Mindfully program is a proven process that has helped hundreds of professionals over many years. Large group trainings are quite valuable. And I’ve seen the greatest results when you are able to sit down, one-on-one and focus on your unique challenges so you can make lasting change.

Effective communication is a choice. You choose to do the work.

The Speaking and Communicating Mindfully program is based on the Six Pillars of Effective Communication. It’s a system that provides you with structure and guidance to become more mindful of how you communicate. It supports you in becoming more effective and influential with others.

Whether you are engaging in that difficult one-on-one conversation, using persuasion to win a contract, trying to influence others to achieve a goal, or whether you want to become better equipped to navigate your home life and personal relationships — developing communications skills is essential for success.

As a trainer and coach, former broadcaster, mother of millennials and corporate communications professional (who has worked diligently to speak with the most challenging of personalities and in the most stressful of environments*), I have helped hundreds of women and men build stronger careers and richer lives through communicating more mindfully and effectively. I have seen confidence boosted and greater respect earned. My goals is to help you develop your unique power to communicate.

“Donna helped me tackle communication challenges head-on. I was motivated to take small actions that make a big impact. Donna’s program is unique because it’s based on the individual, not just theoretical examples that can apply to anyone. It’s helping me grow as a leader, not just a manager.”

Gina Pellicano, Providence, RI

The Speaking and Communicating Mindfully program is designed for the individual who is open and ready to achieve more effective and consistent results. You understand that being passive, aggressive (or both) or fearful is ineffective and you’re ready for a different, more successful path.

This 6-session program is offered in person or virtually (Phone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom). The program is customized specifically for you and focuses on your individual needs and goals.

Speaking and Communicating Mindfully, for Powerful Results

6 One-Hour Virtual Sessions, Program Breakdown:

  • Session One:Who are you? We determine your personal strengths and vulnerabilities, pinpoint your specific communication challenges and determine your personalized goals and course of action.
  • Session Two:Who are they? We analyze what makes the people you want to communicate with tick and how to empower yourself through speaking and communicating more mindfully.
  • Session Three:What do you want to say? We examine the words you want to use and then help you practice how you can communicate concisely and powerfully for better results.
  • Session Four: Action! We analyze your emotions and what is and isn’t working as you start to become becoming a more mindful and effective communicator.
  • Session Five: More action! It takes time and focus to sharpen new skills. You will continue to develop and be directed while learning to preserve the energy it takes to maintain your new ability to communicate.
  • Session Six: Together, we gauge and appreciate your results, #YayMe, help you build a Speaking and Communicating Mindfully practice, thenteach you how to take what you have learned so you can pay it forward.

“The people I communicated with definitely “felt” what I was sharing. I am flying home now with a smile on my face and feeling blessed for having taken the time to work with you, Donna, and to “dare greatly”.

Courtney L., New Haven, CT

Sign up the Speaking and Communicating Mindfully for Powerful Results program and receive a complimentary copy of Donna Mac’s book: Guide to a Richer Life, Know Your Worth, Find Your Voice & Speak Your Mind, and the Appreciation, #YayMe journal.

Now you can get the guidance and support you need to find your voice and speak your truth which greatly increases your potential in business and life. Let me show you the way in just 6 sessions.

“Thank you, Donna, for an amazing virtual coaching session today on effective communication. Worth every penny.”

Julia Scott, Burlington, VT

Donna is a veteran broadcaster and former host of the Vital Women interviews for Clear Channel Radio. She could be heard on Magic 106.7 in Boston, Lite 105 in Providence, RI as well as 96.9 WSRS in Worcester, MA.She’s also a national keynote speaker, corporate communications trainer and consistent student of communicating mindfully. Donna is a frequent speaker at Emerson College in Boston, MA and The University of RI and has authored Guide To A RICHER LIFE–Know Your Worth, Find Your Voice & Speak Your Mind, (2016) the Appreciation, #YayMe Journal (2017) and The SixPillars of Effective Communication(audio, 2014).Her mission includes raising up the next generation of communicators for greater well-being, and the ability to prosper.

*In addition to her corporate experience, Donna has learned to communicate with the most challenging of personalities and in the most stressful of environments (partial list):

  • Successfully worked with numerous overactive egos for more than 2 decades
  • Sole woman in a male dominated industry for many years
  • Acquired promotions and wage increases before we were able to gauge “industry averages”
  • Lead hundreds of successful “live” events while collaborating with sponsors, company leaders and new hires.
  • Developed the courage and ability to speak before “live” crowds of hundreds and “virtual” crowds (when you couldn’t see them!) of thousands
  • Cultivated a great ability to communicate with those of a different status, age, gender and ethnicity.
  • Built and maintained healthy, lasting relationships with millennials
  • Navigated respectful relationships with those who have addiction issues and lower EQ

Learn to Speak and Communicating Mindfully, for Powerful Results Today!

“Donna has provided me with structure to be an honest, direct and committed communicator which has made speaking and leading others much easier. She has coached me to focused on the strong attributes I bring to others, no matter how challenging the personalities or the environment.”

Michael C., Providence, RI